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Based64 refers to a certain MIME encoding for content transfers. By converting binary information into base64 format, Base64 encoding represents binary information in ASCII format by converting it into the associated encoding design.

When binary information needs to be encoded and stored over media developed for storing textual information, Base64 encoding schemes are generally used. 

Through this method, the data is guaranteed to remain unchanged during transfer. MIME, electronic mail, and maintaining complex information in XML are some applications where Base64 is commonly used.

Each implementation chooses a different set of characters for the 64 characters needed for the base. An encoding typically selects 64 characters from a subset that is typical of many encodings.

By mixing these two types of data, it is impossible for the data to be altered during transportation over information systems, like e-mail, that are typically not 8-bit clean.

For the first 62 values of Base64, MIME uses the characters a-z, A-Z and 0-9 only. The second and third values are different in other Base64 variations, but they share the same property.

 Use Base64 decoder tool to decode Base64 input to back to string.

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