Ideal for monitoring websites, APIs and web services. Ideal for monitoring a server. Ideal for monitoring databases, POP or SMTP servers.

Ping a website, server or port.

What is Ping Tool?

Ping tool is a free online tool, shows how long it takes for packets to reach server or port. 

Choose HTTP(s) protocol to monitor websites, APIs, and web services, select ICMP protocol to ping and monitor a server, and use Host/ Port for monitoring databases, POP, or SMTP servers.

An online ping tool is a valuable tool for anyone who works with networks or servers on a regular basis. It allows you to quickly and easily test the connectivity and responsiveness of a specific network or server by sending a "ping" request and measuring the response time.

Ping is a diagnostic tool that is used to test the connectivity and responsiveness of a network or server. It works by sending a small packet of data (called an "ICMP echo request") to the target network or server, and measuring the time it takes for the target to respond with an "ICMP echo response." The response time, also known as the "latency," is an indication of the overall performance and reliability of the network or server.

Online ping tools are commonly used by network administrators, IT professionals, and web developers, as well as by individuals who want to test the connectivity and responsiveness of a specific network or server. They can be especially useful for troubleshooting issues with connectivity or performance, or for monitoring the health of a network or server over time.

To use an online ping tool, you simply enter the network or server that you want to ping into the appropriate field and the tool will send a ping request and measure the response time. Some online ping tools may also allow you to customize the parameters of the ping request, such as the size of the packet or the number of pings to send.

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