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Are you looking for the perfect color for your design, website, or project? Do you want to easily find, adjust, and copy any color code? If so, you need to try the color picker tool from our site free online tools.

The color picker is a simple and powerful tool that allows you to select and modify any color from the color picker. You can also access various color information and tips, such as conversion, variations, harmonies, blindness simulation, contrast, libraries, and palettes. Whether you need a color code in hex, rgb, hsl, or hsv format in seconds.

color picker

How to Use the Color Picker Tool

Using the color picker tool is very easy and intuitive. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to website and open the color picker tool from Misc tools.
  2. To select a color from the color picker, simply click on the color picker box at the top and use the eyedropper tool to pick any color from your screen.
  3. To adjust the color, you can use the saturation and lightness sliders at the right side, or the text fields below them. You can also use the color pickers at the bottom to fine-tune the color in hexa, rgba, hsla, hsva or cmyk format.
  4. To copy the color code, you can use the buttons at the right corner. 

That’s it! You have successfully selected and modified your color using the color picker tool. Now you can use it for your design, website, or project.

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