Gravatar checker

Get the globally recognized avatar for any email.

What is Gravatar checker?

Gravatar (short for "Globally Recognized Avatar") is an online service that allows users to create a personal profile and upload a profile picture (also known as an avatar) that can be associated with their email address. This avatar can then be used on various websites that support Gravatar, including WordPress and GitHub.

A Gravatar checker is a tool that allows you to check whether a specific email address is associated with a Gravatar account and has a profile picture uploaded. This can be useful if you are building a website or application that uses Gravatar and want to confirm that a user has a valid Gravatar account before displaying their avatar.

To use a Gravatar checker, you typically just need to enter the email address that you want to check and the tool will return the status of the associated Gravatar account. Some Gravatar checkers may also provide additional information, such as the user's Gravatar profile URL or the dimensions of their profile picture.

Overall, a Gravatar checker is a simple but useful tool for anyone who is working with Gravatar and wants to confirm the status of a specific email address.

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