URL decoder

Decode URL input to back to a normal string.

What is URL Decoder Tool?

 A URL decoder is a tool that allows you to decode URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) that have been encoded using percent-encoding or other methods. Percent-encoding is a method of encoding special characters in a URL by replacing them with a percent sign (%) followed by a two-digit hexadecimal code.

URL decoders are commonly used by web developers and other professionals who work with URLs on a regular basis. They can be especially useful when working with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or other systems that use encoded URLs as part of their functionality.

To use a URL decoder, you simply enter the encoded URL that you want to decode and the tool will generate the decoded version of the URL. Some URL decoders may also allow you to choose the specific encoding method that was used, such as percent-encoding or HTML encoding.

Overall, a URL decoder is a valuable tool for anyone who works with encoded URLs on a regular basis. It allows you to easily decode URLs that have been encoded using percent-encoding or other methods, ensuring that you can properly understand and use the URL.

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